Breaking Up with YouTube (Sort of)

Concealers that reveal every line and crow's foot (feet?). Lipsticks that make my teeth look yellow rather than pearly white. Face powder that makes me sparkle but not in that "cool" Edward Cullen way. Skin care that irritates rather than soothes. Hair care products that don't work. Make up brushes I don't use. "Healthy" snack… Continue reading Breaking Up with YouTube (Sort of)


Flu, flu go away…and stay away.

Once again, big plans made...big plans interrupted.  This time, however, I was not derailed by an onslaught of negative self-speak or the shadows of depression. No, sir/ma'am. I was pushing through, trying my best to ignore the "you'll never be able tos" and focusing on the tasks at hand.  It was going quite well, by… Continue reading Flu, flu go away…and stay away.

Life in General


Happy New Year! Many thanks to those of you who took time out of your day to click, read, browse, like, comment (or perhaps roll your eyes, scoff, and scowl) at anything I wrote in 2017.  I do appreciate it (perhaps not the scoffing or scowling so much...)! I hope you are keeping well and… Continue reading Changes


A Do One Thing Printable

I thought it was time I shared a deeply personal, earth-shattering confession:  I have a major obsession with office supplies and an even bigger obsession with planners in particular.  I love planners and calendars; the problem is I also find many of them quite overwhelming.  So many sections!  So many accessories! So many choices! Erin… Continue reading A Do One Thing Printable


What Do You Say in Situations Like This?

Yesterday we awoke to news of yet another devastating act of evil.  It was an act that claimed many innocent lives and forever changed the lives of others.  Not long after news of this latest mass shooting broke came the inevitable stream of ill-timed, self-serving tweets and statements from celebrities, intellectuals,  political pundits, and failed… Continue reading What Do You Say in Situations Like This?


A Brief Ramble: Breaking Up with Motivation

  Hey, motivation! Yeah...I'm talking to you.  I am officially breaking up with you.  As the old saying goes, "it's not me, it's you." After years of waiting upon you to bless me with the gumption to achieve my goals, I've realized that I've been waiting in vain.  A sad truth has FINALLY penetrated my… Continue reading A Brief Ramble: Breaking Up with Motivation


To YouTube, or Not to YouTube

Big, exciting, edge of your seat news: I started another YouTube channel! Alright...that was totally anticlimactic. This is the third channel I've started since 2014.  I deleted my first out of disgust and discouragement.  I started a second channel last year but left it to wither and die in a dry, dusty corner of the… Continue reading To YouTube, or Not to YouTube